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My Backstory
Muggleborn but with a mother who is very religious and won't accept their magical daughter. Father isn't very comfortable with the prospect but still is there for me. Older sister is also a witch, sorted into Slytherin, and we have each other's backs instead of relying on our parents.
Because of the hostile environment in regards to magic growing up, we've had to suppress our magic. Not knowing that this could be dangerous if we continued any longer and become new generation obsurcus. Luckily wit Hogwarts letters, we were able to finally use magic before time ran out.

I'm a tiny Ravenclaw. Terrible at riddles though. Often locked out so I spend most of my time outside of the common room. Apologizing profusely when someone has to let me to go to bed.
I want to head to a career of an artist, creating Hogwarts first art club where we can organize ways to show off student work.
Favorite classes are Care for Magical Creatures and Charms. But I have a huge soft spot for space, i'm just really terrible at astronomy.