Dorian Langley
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I am not afraid anymore....standing in the eye of the storm.
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My Backstory

Dorian Langley (face claim: Ben Barnes) is a 16 year old pure-blood Slytherin who is a bit of a smart-ass. He has a warm heart that he rarely shows unless he trusts you. He's loyal to his mates and clings to friendships because true friends are so difficult to find. He has a rough exterior and lashes out when he's hurt. If you take the time to break down the steel walls around him you'll find a genuinely, caring young man. He tends to make quick judgments about people. He's working to quit that habit, but for now he comes off as an arrogant jerk.


April 23, 2019 I'm trying to become more active on here. Hit me up if you want to chat.


Want to role play? Send me a PM and I'll get back to you asap. XD I can do fluff, slice of life, romance, drama, action (not as the main genre), etc. I only ask that your writing be legible and that your character be realistic and approachable. I.e If your character has super powers, god-like qualities, is a student who is an auror/animagus/fairy/snape's forgotten child/ related to a canon character/werewolf with strong ties to the Dark Lord. Please do not PM me. I am not interested.

I write in 3rd person, past tense and I'd like if you did the same. My posts are usually a bit longer than most (especially rps on this site). I don't require you to match me, but you can if you like.

Also, be prepared to start the rp if we do not plan role play details beforehand. I'm more than willing to start if we discuss exactly what we'll be writing prior to beginning.

Update May 3, 2019: Please be at least 18+ if you want to rp romance with me. I know that narrows things down considerably, but I'm not comfortable rping with someone younger than that in that genre. Every other genre is fair game.