❀ Raynie ❀
   ❀ f e l i x ❀
~"Fired two warning shots..into his head." ~"Y'know..Some guys just can't hold their arsenic." ~"He ran into my knife ten times."
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My Backstory

❀ b a s i c s ❀

full name: Raynie Fortuna Kingsman
gender: female
fc: kseniya rain
blood status: pureblood
age: 17 (may switch in roleplay)
year: 7th
d.o.b: december 13th
height: 5'8
nationality: british
sexuality: prefer not to label
significant other: none

❀ m a g i k ❀

school: Hogwarts
house: Hufflepuff
wand: hawthorne, pheonix feather, slightly springy, 10"
patronus: thestral
amormentia: peppermint, old books, and the ocean.
mirror of erised: Captain of the Holyhead Harpies
boggart: spiders
pet: white kitten named Spring
favorite class: Defense Against the Dark Arts

❀ a p p e a r a n c e ❀

(i'll finish updating this tomorrow, i'm tired.)

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