Hi, I am pureblood Slytherin who loves quidditch and magical creatures. I will do anything to achieve my goal.
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My Backstory
This is my first year in Hogwarts i am 11, i am a proud Slytherin who is a pureblood. There wasn't really any shock when i got my letter because i was already expecting it! my mom is a hardworking Hufflepuff and my dad is a cunning Slytherin, my older brother who is in Ravenclaw is in his 6th year of hogwarts! I can't wait to play quidditch and learn about magical creatures!! it is my dream to be at Hogwarts and i can't wait to learn everything and rise to the top of my class and make new friends. In quidditch i am a keeper one of the best i like to think! ;)
Thank You