Friends are people. They care about you. Do not use them. Remember this.
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My Backstory
Im Rosie!! You can call me Lou ,Rose (or El or whatever you want) and this is my back story.
I’m a muggle-born witch.......I got sorted into ravenclaw (by the way. Ravenclaw is a amazing house!) I have a 2 sister and a half-sister. Their names are : celestia (celest),hermione and Alicia (Ali)

Fc: Millie Bobby Brown

Things I love:
Harry Potter (if I didn’t, why am I here then? )
Stranger things
Ladybug and cat noir

Things I hate:
Bulling/being bullied/bullies
Myself (that’s some times)

My star sign:

Writing books (yea nah)
acting (ok......ill stop)

Close friends :
Ellie Potter (sorry if I spelt your name wrong el!)
Alicia (Ali and half older twin)
Celestia (celest and twin)
Addison (Addy, if you like this nickname Addison!)

Messages to my close friends
Ali: your sweet and friendly. I love spending time to talk to you. We’re both Aussie! (I luv u!!)

Ellie: your a nice person and I hope we can meet in real life. We both love stranger things and we both Aussie!!

Celstia: your an amazing HiH sister and I wouldn’t ask for any one else than you or Ali.

Zia: you are kind person. Your funny ,sweet and you care . You there when someone’s world is falling apart so I love being your friend.

Addison: your nice person and I love being your friend.

Age :

Jorydan forrester
Maya mayfield
Millie harington
Lillie Byers (Nancy and Jonathan little girl)
Ellie & Matilda Wheeler (El and mikes twin girls)
Ethan Sinclair (Max and Lucas’ boy)

Lou- everyone
El- myself

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