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My Backstory
I was sorted into Gryffindor,because I offered to go to that house myself.The Sorting Hat wanted to put me into Hufflepuff,for he thought I have some quality that Hufflepuff always have ,too.But since I was very young,I always dreamed of going to the great house where Albus Dumbledore used to live.So,you can imagine it took really a long time for the poor hat to decide where to put me.Luckily,it finally made the wise decision---Gryffindor.
When I was in Hogwarts,I love Charms most,I guess,I can always finish the spell first,and I got O both in O.W.Ls andN.E.W.Ts on this subject.You might not believe it. I hate flying lessons. I never learned how to handle a broom.It's probably not like a Gryffindor, huh?And I want to tell you one more thing you 'll all find strange---I am pretty good at History of Magic. I love history,but I hated the classes when I was a student…because of Professor Binns,you know?What makes me feel strange is that I always get good grades in this class. Maybe because I really like it?
I am a muggleborn,but I never feel inferior to it.When I first entered Hogwarts, many students looked down on me, they crowded me out. But I never cared to be with them. I had good friends of my own, and I believed that blood couldn’t decide anything.At last,I was better off than any of my classmates who had laughed at me.When Voldemort came to power, I was not born, so I was not persecuted, but I had always had a keen interest in that history.
My strengths and weaknesses should be the same, that is, my character. I am a very righteous person, I am always running for unfair things, I feel it is very meaningful, but I also have been criticized.But as long as I can make the wizarding world better, I'm not afraid of those attacks.
Now that I have graduated, at first I thought about staying in school to be a professor of the History of Magic , but I chose to be a columnist at last. Maybe someday I 'll go back to Hogwarts and teach the history of magic, but right now I think I have more important things to do.
I want to study the history of Albus Dumbledore and Gallert Grindelwald,and I have now published a biography dedicated to them. I am very interested in the love of great men and want to restore the truth of history. I won't stop until the truth comes out. And I will always be running for the feminist and gay movement in the wizarding world, using my pen to call for freedom and awaken people.
I always wanted to have a Phoenix, but I wasn't Professor Dumbledore, so I had two mice, one is red , the other is gold.and their name is Al and Gal.If you come to my home, I can introduce them to you and show you the new book I just finished.
I am currently editing a magazine and a new columnist.