DId you find any hiden easter egs in the move or the book.

Well, I found out that Fred and George Weasley through snowballs at the back of Professor Quirrel's turban...meaning: they through snowballs at Voldemort's face. (I say his name out loud. There is simply no point in not saying his name. Fear of a name increases fear of a thing itself)
You know... despite being portrayed as a powerful wizard, Harry never casts a single spell in the first movie!
Also, how does Quirrel take a shower... or sleep? It must be very awkward
But I think how do Voldemort take breath inside Quirrel's turban( actually with sweat inside Quirrel's turban)
I Agree with Ariana Potter
Usually cloth has some small holes that make it easy for you to breathe... Plus if I'm remembering correctly Unicorn Blood gives you more of a face like a snake. Meaning he may or may not have not really been able to breath anyways.
I saw that Erised backwards is Desire and the mirror shows what you desire. Its simple math really!
Yeah the inscription on the Miror of Erised backwards is "I show not your face but your heart's desire", but everyone must know that by now.. I've always found it intriguing how child's magic works. Harry was once cornered at school, and suddenly stood on top of the building, it was apparating xs, but impressive!! Petunia had cut his hair very short, and the next day, it was long again. It seems to me that outbursts of magic like that stop happening when students go to Hogwarts, which is sad, because they can be really powerful, it's like without a wand things you need really bad can just happen, but with a wand you need a spell, and there isn't a spell for everything, so you can't always repeat something you've done in your childhood.
Also, when Harry goes to Ollivander's to get his first wand, Ollivander says that James Potter's wand was perfect for transforming into an animal :D

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