What is your opinion of professor quirrel?

What is your opinion of professor Quirrel? Do you think he is good or bad? For example, I think he is good because if You-Know-Who asked me if i wanted to join him or die, id join him, I mean i dont really have much a choice. My friend thinks he is not good because he should have stood up to voldemort and at least died a brave man. Whatt do you think? Id like to hear your thoughts. P.S Im making a Book in the library and it should be done this january. The professors diary, great book about the professors' early life. And its based of of real reasearched backstories. so yeah, make sure to read that when it comes out.
I think he is bad because if I were him i would rather die then stand up for you know who
speaking of "the one who shall not be speaked", i have a theory What if somone used the time neckless to go back in time and use the killing curse on Volde, i mean you know who as a kid, but then he came back to life as a memory, and thats hoe he learned, avada kevarda.

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