Metamorphs VS Animagi

Do you think Metamorphs would be inherently better at Transfiguration due to their intimate knowledge of the mechanics of it? Alternatively, do you think this same knowledge would make it harder for them to become Animagi because of their ability to change their form at will, or even in response to their emotions, and make their Animagus form unstable? On a side note, Animagi are known to develop traits of their forms, which are in turn the animal representative of their personality to begin with, implying that sort of advanced transfiguration requires a high understanding not only of thwe subject but of one's self, enabling you to retain your human mind while in your form and to remember it to return to it. Do you think Metamorphs (or their families) ever really know what they look like? Or do they assume the form they believe they look like? Aging because they believe they should, looking similar to their parents and other family members or taking the physical characteristics they favour in those around them? Does it ever come to a point where they don't remember their original form any longer? Also, if Animagi have to register than Metamorphs certainly should. They have no need for Polyjuice. They can become anyone at anytime. Thoughts? Ever Yours, Pseu
Say what????
that was a lot I am sooooo confused ??????????????????????????????????

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