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In this case I would say, 'Hello, fellow Ravenclaws~', but since this is public to all students I won't. Hello everyone! How are you? That's my first question to you all. This is my first 'proper' forum, since the ones before were just to do with Y1 herbology and things. But now.. things a' gonna get serious. So, the first appearance of 'Aunt Marge' (Uncle Vernon's sister) was of course in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. But, after Harry eventually blows her up, she is not seen again after those events. So I am asking for your guys' theories on what really happened to her. Did she eventually have a son? Did she find out about Lily, Aunt Petunia's sister and her magical abilities? Did she find out that Harry was a wizard? When Harry married Ginny, do you think his aunts and uncles and other Muggle friends and family came to the wedding, and that was how Aunt Marge found out? Do you think they would be allowed to come to a wizarding wedding? I would love to hear your opinion on what happened. Think about what to theory on. Silly suggestions are accepted, but anything rude will be reported or removed. Lay out your post like this: -LAYOUT OF POST- Question (your question that you are going to answer further on in the post): e.g. Did Aunt Marge find out about Harry's magical abilities? Hypothesis (a short story/theory of the question): e.g. Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia hear about Harry's marriage to Ginny, and tell Aunt Marge. Angry that she was never told at once, she tracks down Harry by the sources of Aunt Petunia and knocks on his door. Harry opens it and is surprised by the guest. In the distance Aunt Marge sees Ginny practising some sort of charm, which leads to her questioning them at once. They have to give up their secret. Analysis (say what your hypothesis shows, and what you have proven): e.g. I have proven that Aunt Marge has found out about Harry's magical abilities, and who he has chosen to marry. Evaluation (say the good and bad points of your theory, and what you think you will need more proof on): e.g. I think I need more proof on how Aunt Marge exactly tracked down Harry's house. ---- If you want to, you can skip out the evaluation and analysis but it will be appreciated if you do all terms. I myself will be doing this, and I am excited to see your theories on what exactly happened in the end. Remember, think carefully about your theory and take your time! Thank you for reading, Amy :)
Hello! Here are my fact based ideas: Question: What happened to aunt Marge after she was blown up? Hypothesis: After the incident, the ministry of magic end up altering her memory and deflating her. So she has no memory of what happened to her. She never visits the Dursleys when Harry is there anymore, and never finds out about his abilities, or anything about the wizarding world's existence. Analysis: I have shown that aunt Marge has no recollection of blowing up or of Harry's powers, and continues to regard him as a boy with mental issues. Evaluation: I think I need more proof on if she ever does see or speak to him again, but since there is no mention of her coming over anymore or ever visiting Harry, I think I'm correct in saying that she still despises him and doesn't know about magic. Thanks!!
I would guess the Ministry clears her memory, like Broda said ^^. But what if something else happened? Like in an alternate timeline. What if as Harry was inflating her from anger the Ministry was slowly getting taken over? Instead of erasing her memory they only deflated her and reported this to Voldemort/fellow Death Eaters. They started to slowly plan the whole thing with the Triwizard Tournament and used her for information. Maybe eventually Aunt Marge escaped but was badly damaged. She started to look into family history and found out about Harry being a wizard. Proving as a threat to Wizardkind by spreading rumors and gossiping she was later killed by Voldemort. But that's just something that could've happened in an alternate universe. Probably nothing like that actually happened ;3

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