Has the Weasley twins ever noticed Peter Pettigrew on the Maurauders map?

I always wonder if Fred and George noticed Idiot No.1 Peter Pettigrew on the map. And Pettigrew was usually with Ron, so if they noticed, they should be pretty worried. What do you think?
A popular thereoy for the Peter Pettigrew thing is that the Mauraders bewitched the map so that only people who know a person is an animangus can see them while they are transformed. I am fairly certain this was to protect their identities as animangus.
Right you are!
But then why could Harry see Peter in the map? He didn't know that Peter was an Animagus
Exactly, Melody. I never thought of that.
I believe Rowling missed this one. Besides, Lupin had the map before that incident in the shrieking shack so he should have seen Peter long before that.
Maybe you can only see them when they are human, not animals.
Lupin was told Peter was on the map when he got it, but maybe he searched the castle and not the grounds, because Lupin said he saw that Pettigrew was with Harry, Ron and Hermione, and it sounds like he hadn't found him before. And Peter was in his animal form when Harry saw him on the map.

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