Its like you read my mind. This my favorite movie out of all of them and my favorite book. I think it has to do with Sirius coming in to play along with Lupin.
I like the scene where lupin is talking to harry on the bridge
This is my favorite movie/book. When i was reading it i was always thinking how Hermione got to all her classes and when they finally explained it it all just clicked. I also like the fact that they use the time turner to save Buckbeak and Sirius. And one last thing i like how they gave some of the back story on the marauders 
This seriously IS the best movie. Director Cuaron's aesthetics influenced Hogwarts for the rest of the movies, it was so appealing. That bridge! Seasonal gags with the Whomping Willow! Saturated colors! Street clothes! He saved the series, imo, from camp/unimaginative shtick. Not to slam the first director, but it didn't feel like a whole other magical world until PoA.
More stuff introduced here that I love:The huge swinging pendulum in the front hall, and the beautiful courtyard outside itThe water-floaty creepy dementorsTons more outdoor shots, cementing Hogwarts in gloomy lovely ScotlandBuckbeak's song ;_;Fudge and wizard politicsAnd he assigned each of the main trio essays exploring their characters and perspectives/adolescent struggles. Watson put a lot of work into her essay, of course, Radcliffe appreciated the challenge, and Grint shirked the assignment! Lol, talk about inhabiting your character. 
I would say this is my favorite movie in the series because of the relationship between Harry and Sirius. It's just so nice to see Harry finally getting a chance at a normal (as much as it can be for him) family dynamic. Plus Sirius is one of my favorite characters so... yeah :D
I really like this movie! It's so fun!
I loved the time travel music and everything else!

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