Who cried when Fred Weasley died?

Well I almost did...but then, I'm not very emotional.
Well I almost did...but then, I'm not very emotional.
 He was so funny and charming and such a likeable character. It was unpredictable that was going to happen, but it did. And his family's reaction made me feel much worse. It made my whole body tingle with depression and the feeling of loss.............It was too much for me to keep myself from crying!!! :(
I read that part over and over again... I actually liked that part; I'm weird, I like being saddened. I can't believe Harry didn't cry.
I think Harry was severely depressed inside due to all of his good friends and relatives risking their lives for The Boy Who Lived (even if he did not show it on his face).I just wish so many people hadn't died in the major battle. Notable people who died during The Battle Of Hogwarts:     Other notable people who died during the dark days:.Fred Weasley                                                                        .Hedwig.Remus Lupin                                                                          .Mad-Eye Moody.Nymphadora Tonks                                                                .Rufus Scrimgeour.Colin Creevey                                                                        .Bathilda Bagshot.Lavender Brown                                                                   .Dobby - a free elfI welled up with tears when I saw Dobby lying dead in Harry's arm.It's just sad to see so many of Harry's loved one's pass away...
Of all the deaths in the Harry Potter series, I feel that Fred's death was the most emotional one.I mean, Fred and George were meant to COMPLETE each other. They're twins, for goodness sake. One should never be without the other.And yet Fred dies, and I don't think that Rowling elaborated enough on how George felt. It must have been like a part of him was torn from him. I'm still maintaining the belief that a week after the battle George got a time-turner and went back to save Fred from the explosion. That's what happened as far as I'm concerned. NO DEATHS! *runs in circles singing loudly with fingers plugged into ears and tears streaming down cheeks*
And then George might die instead...
)))))))))))))))))))))))))))): still
Real question here is...who DIDN'T cry while reading about Fred's death? To me, it was terrible. I was devasted, no doubt. Since I started reading the books, Fred and George became my favorite characters. And when I got to that part, I couldn't believe it. I had to read it over and over, because I thought "This can't be what it seems!". But well, it was, and I cried like I had never cried while reading a book. While I absolutely loved Fred, I couldn't stop thinking "Oh God, and what about George?". It was awful :(
I"M So Sad With I Cryed Too The Weasley's Family In The Great Hall They Killed They Parents Until The End Of Harry Potter Im Cryed Everyday Poor Fred Me George Ms Weasley and Ron Before Fred is Death Oh my Godness awful:(
I cried when George said "We did it Fred."
I cried when George said "We did it Fred."
Almost cried... Fred & George are my fav! I was so sad!

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