Saddest Harry Potter death...?

Probably either Fred or Snape. I feel so bad for George, now that he's lost his best friend! And snape, because he was good all along! :( (Snape's death was the one that made me cry though)
I cried for 2 Weeks When Snape Died ( Alan Rickman Lives On)
Cried moreso for Fred/George. Half of George died that day. He will never be the same again. No matter how much time passes. Time does not heal all wounds...
For me Fred, Lupin, Sirius, Colin and Tonks. And Hedwig I cried for all of them.
Nymphadora Tonks. She stole my heart as an awesome female character and broke it when she died.
Oh yes! Also Dobby. :''(
Oh yes! Also Dobby. :''(
Snape is the saddest death for me.
Yeah me too. And Fred. :''(
What about Sirius?? He was a super awesome character, and also, Remus was then left alone as the last one of the Marauders.
OMG! Yes! But sirius's death was so sudden!
I cried every time someone died so I was crying very often
I think Fred Snape Sirius Remus Tonks Dobby and Hedwig
Awww, Hedwig. HEDWIG!!!!! NO! She was Harry's only companion at Privet Drive.
Remus Lupin. When he finally could have been happy, she just killed him off.Also, he got just about one line describing his death while even Dobby got more attention (I was really sad about his death too) and Dumbledore got entire chapters. And at the end, when Harry uses the resorection stone to bring him back, Lupin says he is sorry he'll never know his child, this really upset me. Interestingly, when I read this book for the first time, I realized why he had to die but now this death really seems unfair. If anyone deserves some happiness in life, it's Lupin. I also do not believe Teddy could really be happy after loosing his parents. I know he had Harry as his godfather but still he can't take Lupin's place. Teddy was even younger than Harry when Lupin and Tonks died so he spent even less time with them. I still can't believe Rowling treasured Arthur Weasley more than Lupin and his life was worth the lives of Sirius, Tonks and Lupin.
Gosh this is all soooooo sad!

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