Good but so sad .I just finished reading it for the 4th time  and I keep on asking myself why did Dobby have to die why the bloody hell not Kreacher?
Good but so sad .I just finished reading it for the 4th time  and I keep on asking myself why did Dobby have to die why the bloody hell not Kreacher?
Everyone would be too busy celebrating Kreacher's death to continue reading.
I've always been sad that Dobby died, but Kreacher needed to complete his redemption arch. It was a bitter sweet victory to see him leading the House Elf charge against the Deatheaters after having been so pro Voldemort much of his life.
I agree with Stephanie and I think Dobby dying was like a circle that he could never escape. He couldn't escape being bound to the Malfoys... and he died in their household. I think house-elves are cursed and yes, I am a S.P.E.W. supporter :)RIP Dobby
It's the same as asking why did Lupin and Tonks have to die because it creates an emotional response and makes you realise how awful war is.
I'm just glad that JK couldn't go through with killing off Molly Weasley! It was bad enough that Fred died, but not the mama!
Honestly, I did not think creature was that bad of a character. Sure he hated mudbloods, but he still did help Harry out. I believe that JK Rowling added the Dobby death into Deathly Hallows just to add a sense of a cliff hanger and something to keep you reading after the main hunt for the horcruxes was concluded. Dobby was a great character, but sometimes you have to let go of characters you like. 
I kinda liked Kreacher. He was quite charming if you ask me. Of course Dobby's death was terribly sad, but it also was very beautiful. He died happy and free. Even if it's sad; it wouldn't have been the same if Dobby(And Dumbledore, Sirius, Hedwig, Fred etc) had died. It's an important part of the story.
I actually felt really bad for Kreacher. His was a very tragic story. I don't think he was bad either. He was extremely loyal towards Regulus Black (and don't forget: he helped Regulus steal the locket horcrux!) but didn't feel the same towards Sirius partly due to the treatment he received from Sirius, I think. However, look how Kreacher changed when Harry started showing him some respect and kindness in Deathly Hallows. Harry's kindness led to Kreacher leading the House Elves at Hogwarts against Voldemort in the final battle. Yes, Kreacher had his flaws; but that was due mostly to the fact that he was indoctrinated in a prejudiced family that valued being pure-blooded, but that treated him well enough (i.e. Regulus) and his experience with people who were against those ideals was limited to Sirius (and Sirius hated Kreacher) for a long time.
Rowling herself stated how hard it was for her to kill those lovable characters. I'm sure it's a difficult decision killing off the most powerful living wizard, the most lovable house-elf, one half of a hilarious pair, the potions master most loved to hate just to name a few. Those deaths made me realise that she wanted a sense of realism in her book. Any story where ALL the good guys survive is a fairy tale. My heart ached when i read about Colin Creevey and Lavender Brown because i got to know them in the earlier books.
Kreacher may have come off as an evil little ars_ but at the end he started to get better and appreciate Harry as his master more. Dobby on the other hand was so loyal and happy that Harry helped to give him his freedom that he was willing to die for him. I am sad that Dobby died and I am happy that Kreacher lived.
Dobby's death, to me, signified the final safety being removed from under Harry to protect him.  It was at that moment that Harry determined to not let any more of his friends die to protect him.  I feel that, in order to do this, J.K. needed to kill off someone Harry cared about enough to have it be an impact on him, but not completely critical to the plot.  I loved Dobby and was very sad when he died, but I also thing it was an important plot device that gave Harry the final push he needed in order to get things done.
I think it was to highlight the whole SPEW thing. And of course, that the deaths had to be BIG. Books like these require deaths. Big ones. What if Jo was like "OMG I LOVE DOBBY SO MUCH HE CAN'T DIE I'LL JUST KILL SOMEONE I DON'T LIKE, LIKE A MINOR CHARACTER OR A MINOR DEATH EATER SO DOBBY DEAREST CAN LIVE YAAAAAAY." That book would suck if she did that. Seriously.
You have a point.

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