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Midnight opening? Birthday gift? Did you savour it or read it all in a day? Tell the story of how you got your copy of the last book and your first time reading it.
Midnight opening? Birthday gift? Did you savour it or read it all in a day? Tell the story of how you got your copy of the last book and your first time reading it.
I was at a weeklong Guide camp that started 2 days before it came out, some girls came to camp 2 days late just so they could get their copy of the book at midnight. That entire week there were pockets of girls everywhere in the camp sitting around someone with the book who was reading aloud. Some people listened not caring what part they were at, others absolutely refused to hear anything about it that might spoil something. When I got home my own copy was sitting on my bed and I spent the day marathoning through it - I couldn’t put it down, everything was terrible, Hedwig! Lupin! Etc! It was 3am when I got to a happy part where Ron comes back and I could finally go to sleep for a few hours.
Both. My birthday is July 28th and the book came out July 25th. My mother pre-ordered the Amazon "special edition" of the book for my birthday. What she didn't know is that I'd pre-ordered the book locally. I also worked at the midnight release party as a volunteer. A Star Trek club I used to belong to was contacted by a local Boarders Book store to help them keep the people waiting entertained. We all dressed up in Harry Potter costumes and created all kinds of activities. We had a sorting ceremony in one area of the store. Reading from the earlier books in another area. We had people wandering through the store with Harry Potter trivia questions. And the part I was involved with was a green-screen picture project. My (now) ex created several Potter themed backgrounds that we could then insert people into. It was a blast.
I first found Philosophers stone in a gutter type thing when I was walking home from school. I read and read and brought the other books from Charity Shops, you could imagine my suprise when my brother left Deathly Hallows at the foot of my bed. I read all day and sobbed when Hedwig died, Hedwig was a huge part of my childhood, I used to make stuffed Hedwig out of cloth and pretend she was flying. Luna is also my favourite character and I cried when I read 'bout her mural. And I didn't really care for the twins that much, I didn't find their jokes so amusing because I had a rough time growing up and heard many vulgar jokes so I became quite afeared of the twins. But when Fred died, I cried for the family and for George, how they were such a big family, and now one was missing. How George will never feel whole. How Molly never thought that only one of them would die...
I remember when it arrived here in sweden (pretty sure it was the same day as in the uk) we where supposed to go visit family and would be away for a while, but my dear mother had gone out to buy me the book so I could read it on the trip and while we were there. I don't think I was very social that day, I couldn't put the book down, The next day I had finished it. ^^
I remember going to the "party" that they had at the mall outside of Walden Books. Before we went to the movie my partner (at the time) and I went out to eat at Red Lobster. We were animatedly talking about the book when all of a sudden I burst into uncontrollable tears and ran off to the bathroom for a good ten minutes of solid crying. I just couldn't stop the tears. I had spent nearly ten years of my life reading these books and to have it be the last one was just ... unimaginable at the time. Finally my partner came in and helped me get my emotions under control and we left and went to the party. It was pretty fun, we were like 18 years old and we both dressed up for it. We got called a bunch of names by people in the parking lot :/ that wasn't fun. Some people just don't know when to mind their own darn business and let people do what they want to do. We had a good little time at the "party" and went home and read until we fell asleep. When we woke up we just kept reading and didn't stop until we finished it. That was my story.
Got it the day it came out at the book store, didn't stop reading til it was done. I was at Panoekoeken Haus (or however you spell it) and shouted at the lady next to me cause she had finished it and was giving stuff away lol.
I wish I could say that me and my brother read for an entire day, nonstop (except to go to the bathroom), not even eating or sleeping until it was finished. Sadly, though, that was my cousins, not me. I was actually still behind (on the sixth book) when the seventh one came out. Don't be mad! I was only like 7 and they were long books! But when I DID get to it, I literally took it everywhere (yes, even the bathroom). I can't say I finished it quickly. It took me a good month, between school and dance and sports and life, but it became like an extra limb. It never left my side, even if I knew that I wouldn't get a chance to read it wherever I was going. So yeah. There are various food stains on it, torn pages, and a few wet ones from when I dropped it in the bathtub. The best part is, I finished it in the car, on a surprise trip to Hawaii that my parents had planned. I thought I was going on a six-hour road trip, not to an island paradise! So I finished the last page right as we pulled up to the airport. I got like the two best things ever in one day. It was AWESOME! 
I went to a midnight opening, with two of my friends, and we stayed over at one of their houses.  So as not to be anti-social I didn't start reading straight away because they wanted to stay up and chat a bit. I finally left the conversation at 3am to start reading, but read slowly, a chapter a day, to savour it.  Then when I got half way through I stayed up all night reading the other half!
In 2007, I had never read or watched any of the books or films.  Yes, shameful, I know! Actually, in 6th grade i had picked up a copy of "Sorcerer's" Stone (sorry) from my teacher's bookshelf and tried reading a few pages, but I wasn't into it.  I didn't really like stuff that was super-popular, and this was 1998 so Harry Potter was pretty much like what Beatlemania must have been like, you know? And even at that age I hated society shoving pop culture in my face, so I was not enthusiastic.  I gave up after a couple pages.Fast forward nine years.  It's summer 2007, and I'm a 20-year-old librarian.  The final Harry Potter book is coming out soon, so of course our patrons are abuzz with excitement.  A few of my coworkers ask me if I'm excited, or something like that.  I tell them, no, I don't read Harry Potter.  These two gals were middle-aged ladies and both favorite coworker friends of mine.  They were like, "Angela! You HAVE to read Harry Potter! Go check out the first one!"  I was like, Eh, I don't read kids books.  They were having none of it.  They insisted that the books were enjoyable for adults; after all, they both loved them.I am so grateful for those two women, Susie and Jane, because they honestly changed my life.  Harry Potter is truly part of my identity now.  There's a little part of me that regrets not making it a part of my childhood, but mostly I'm just glad it came into my life.So, I zipped through the series pretty quick, and by the time I was ready for book 7, we were just starting to get our copies in at the library and trying to get them out to patrons who had it on reserve.  One of my coworkers who knew I was waiting for it, had promised to get it catalogued quickly for me, but then she came up and said she had messed up the cataloging (something like it was supposed to be a Young Adult section copy and she accidentally cataloged it as a children's department copy) and she told me to just take the book home and she'd finish working on it when I was done.  I was super grateful, and it's the only time in 10 years of library work that I have ever "cheated" and taking something home before it was ready to go on the shelf, ha ha!
I lived a block from Wal-Mart at the time, so I just walked over and waited in line for an hour. Pretty handy.
I got it for Christmas and was so excited… I was on Half-Blood so I waited a week or so to read Deathly Hallows. To some it up, this was me:Yay! Bill! OMG! No… WHAT! no way… %*^!!!! DOBBY! FRED! LUPIN! TONKS! NO…. SSSSSSSSNNNNNNAAAAAPPPPPEEEEE NOOOOOOO WHYYYYYY
Midnight!  My oldest kid was just under 2 months old.  I left him with the hubs and went and stood in line.  Came home and stayed up all night reading (was quite handy for when the baby woke up, actually).  Read and napped the next day.  Finished it within about 12 hours.  My son and I are now reading the books together.  :)
When it came out, I was only nine, and hadn't read 5 or 6 yet either. When I finally did get it, years later, I read up until Hedwig died, burst into tears, and refused to read any more of it for almost a year. Eventually, I decided that I had to read the book before the movie came out, so the day before the movie came out, I started reading. I didn't put it down until I had finished it. Note: I had to get up at seven the next day for school. When I finally finished the book, I looked out the window to discover that the sun had already set, then risen again. It was 6:30. Since there was no point in going to sleep, I just started re-reading it.
I was almost 16 when the final book was released, and remember going to the midnight release with my best friend, who is also a fellow fanatic. I stayed up all night reading, determined to finish it. I cried, so so much (happy tears too - a certain point at the end of the book made my shipper heart so happy ;)) and then spent the next week or so analysing all the details. Such is life!
Well I was 15 when it came out and since it was summer I was still awake when my dad came home after midnight from work. I was watching one of the movies and the next thing I know my dad is behind me and drops something in my lap. He went to the bookstore before he came home the night it was released for me. I stayed up until 3 reading and then went to bed for a few hours. Soon as I got back up I picked the book up and had it finished by 1 in the afternoon. It was a wonderful book to read in one sitting. 
Seeing as how I'm only 15, I wasn't even born when the first book came out in America. However, my older sister and parents all raved about the books, so the minute I could read (not that I didn't try grasping the story before that), I was delving into Sorcerer's Stone. I devoured that one, then whipped through all the others in the course of about three years. I was eight when Deathly Hallows was released, and no matter how much I pleaded with my dad, he wouldn't let me go wait at the bookstore for the midnight opening. But what I didn't know was that he had pre-ordered two copies of the book (one for himself and one for my mom so they could both read it), and when they arrived the next morning, I was extremely excited to see we had copies of the book, but disappointed when I found out that my parents were going to read them first before I could get a hand on it! It was a long three days waiting for them to finish, but it was worth it. I got my dad's copy and my sister got my mom's, and I sat down and literally read it all in one sitting. It was marvelous and tear-jerking and magical and wonderful and sad and... indescribale. And yet, to this day, I still can't get past the fact that my mom didn't even cry when a certain couple died (I won't say who here so I don't ruin it for anyone, but I'm sure all you Potterheads out there know exactly who I mean).
Of course that was the night my friend was having a sleepover birthday party but I left early at like 10:30 that night to go to the bookstore. We waited in a huge line to get the book and finally got it around 1 in the morning. We got home a half an hour later and I tried to stay up to read the book but couldn't. I spent the entire next day reading the book and finished it mid afternoon!
I was with a good friend of mine at the time and we decided to go to the mall and stand in line to get the book! I remember being so excited and sad at the same time, I couldn't believe it was finally ending! The only thing that kept me going was knowing the movies still had to come out lol And I think I probably read it until I passed out. I probably read like half of it and then slept and then finished it. It was just so amazing.
I got it from my sister in the complete set and it took me a long time to read it always wanting to read more

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