Herb 101: introductory assignment

Quick answer - Hi i am Dallas, my gifts all tend to be around learning a craft. My biggest ones being with fiber, i learned to knit as a child and went on to teach myself to crochet, spin and now to weave as well. I also tend to do many other hands on crafts. Its something about being able to take nothing and make it into something more that has always drawn me to this gift. I take nothing more then a clump of wool and make art with it. Short Essay - I am muggle born and as such spent my former years in muggle world only. I grew up with the old wives tails of how to heal small ails. In later years i met a women who is a human herbalist and has spent years studying the human plants around us. So when i think of herbology i think of her and her home. It was always full of plants either growing or drying or being made into one of her wonderful potions. i am hopping with taking this course i can better understand the magical side of the plant world as i am lacking in this area. though i am a littler more versed in the human plant side of things such as i know elderberry made into a liquid and added to honey can make a great sour throat remedy, or that cherries are a natural way to break up the mucus in your chest. I love plants and what they can do with some care and knowledge behind it. I have a few bonsi under my care at the moment and learning to care for them has shown me just what patients love and care for a plant can mean. fingers crossed that this year is my year to finally truly understand both magical and none magical herbology.

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