Herb101- introductory assignment & short answer

Good evening! I'm Ro! I'm a tiny craft business owner, avid hiker, orchid grower, good ole country girl. I apparently have multiple gifts- friends\family say its magic how I can get a shy nervous dog love me, some say I got some magic with plants. Short Answer- Herbology means understanding where the plant comes from, the care of needs, and knowing if it's in distress without it reaching the point of death. I was raised around him-magical plants and believe they have their own type of magic that makes them just as special as magical plants. I consider myself as middle in the road of orchid knowledge, pretty knowledgeable in vegetable gardening, and beginner in citrus plants. As of now we had 20 orchids, 2 citrus trees, Norfolk island pine, and a Christmas cactus in our house (and plotting building a greenhouse for them cause it's getting just a little bit outta hand). Can't wait to learn more about magical and mom magical plants!

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