Did anyone else feel SO EMOTIONAL when the theme came on?

When the theme came on i CRIED because i hadn't heard that theme in so long i was so emotional!!
I was emotional the whole time xD But yeah when I heard Hedwig's theme I cried a bit. It was weird to hear the theme and not see Harry. But what really got me was when you go into Newt's case and you see his world come to life. Like I was crying it was so amazing to see the textbook come to life like I was so overcome with emotions I cried.
https://scontent.fagc1-2.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/15253465_935180699915594_3300297145470160577_n.jpg?oh=c9a2706e0eda4bdf6fa2f93a4e5808f1&oe=58C86E8D ^this was me
This was a great film! And they incorporated the theme music just enough to bring out the emotional side of it without riffing on the other films, so it was just different enough to be a stand alone soundtrack with HP elements to it. I loved it.
Just finished the film... Great one:) Nearly cried out hearing the theme. It's sooooo nice watching our magic world on the screen again.
I legit Cried the entire time :'D
Me too! It's just that we haven't had a movie since who knows when and I can't rn. The movie was also beautiful and I can't wait for Fantastic Beasts 2.
I swear my friend and I (who loves HP even more than I do!) we were the only people in the room shouting at the screen whenever there was an exciting moment!
This film is so awesome! I already ordered a Magical Movie Handbook!
I cried too! It reminded me of when I went to see DH2 and I cried at the logo (in the middle of the BUSIEST cinema, omg). I couldn't keep my tears in throughout the entirety of Fantastic Beasts!
I've always been attached to Newt and his animals because that was the first book I read...EVER! My family is full of Zoologists so it's nice
Sorry. Could someone please explain to me what the theme was?

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