Newt Scamander

Ok, is anyone else obsessed with Newt Scamander? He's so awesome and majestic!
I may honestly like him better as a character than the original trio (I know; blasphemy!). But his character is much more likeable from the beginning. Probably helps he is not starting as an 11 year old prepubescent child though as well...
((I'm obsessed. EDDIE IS SO CUTE THO))
I love him!!
He quickly rose to my second favorite? Like I Love remus which will never change but Newt came on and I was like, instantly attached. I love him.
I really like this guy! He is such a good man and I'd like him to be a friend of mine.
He's awesome! I like how he treats the creatures with respect and care depending on which creature it is!
I love him, he's so good, so respectful and caring.
He's cute. Well, Eddie is cute as him. And Newt's character is really nice, he is kind, caring, curious and quirky.

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