Percival and Credence

So like I wonder what happened to him, ya know? Since Grindelwald was the one who used a polyjuice potion to become him, but they never really revealed what happened to the REAL Percival Graves. Like where do you think the REAL Percival Graves was? And Credence. Do you think the wizards actually killed him, or he is he out there....somewhere still?
Well, the real precival grves is probably somewhere tied up in a cupboard ;-D
I think that the real Percival is probably dead. Grindewald is very unforgiving. I think that part of credence is still alive, like a horurcrox.
Regardless of if Credence is still alive or not, what the President of MACUSA ordered was completely wrong. Credence needed help. He didn't know ANYTHING of the wizarding world, let alone the laws of such. The death sentence to an innocent adolescent who couldn't control himself let alone was practically on the verge of being used by Grindewald himself was far too extreme. The Statute of Secrecy was kept intact with extremist values and for a price. Even if Credence lives, which I highly doubt, he would certainly brew hell for all of the magical world because of Seraphina Picquery.
There was a cut scene that was deleted where Credence is scene boarding a boat at the end of the movie. He's alive ^The link to the article covering the deleted scene.

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