I need to go on a Newt Scamander rant...

So let’s start by getting something straight. My favorite characters are never, ever the main characters. I think my reasons for this are usually that writers tend to create really vague main characters so that the most amount of people will be able to relate to them. By doing this, they lose a lot of their flaws and they lose a lot of their human traits. I just really hate that. However, I just got back from watching Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Care to guess who my favorite character was? Oh! It was Newt. Newt Scamander. The main character. And here, let me tell you why. Most main characters like to be relatable, but they also like to make people feel better about themselves. They make cowards feel brave. They make weird people feel normal. They make empty people feel something. However, with Newt, he doesn’t do this. Instead, he makes people feel like people. Newt loves animals and creatures. He loves them and would give up his life to protect them. Newt cries and pouts and whines. Newt is an embodiment of so many of us. He has an odd obsession with these strange creatures that nobody else seems to take an interest in. He believes in equality, for both animals and for humans, which is clearly stated when he gets mad at the American Magic Council thing for not working well with non-magical folk and also for destroying magical creatures though they had done no harm. And guess what this makes me think of? Us. Because we are odd. We have strange obsessions that nobody seems to take an interest in. People even look down at us, they might even pity us. Sometimes people don’t realize, but when they laugh at the things we love it hurts us. If they laugh when we try to tell them about the things that make us who we are, it feels terrible. Because our weird obsessions and interests aren’t acceptable to some. And Newt’s interests aren’t acceptable, and yet he still goes on. He has confidence, but he doesn’t flaunt it. He doesn’t talk too much, and despite being smart and caring he’s not a genius and he’s not overly caring. He’s in a place that’s not over the top. And neither are we. Newt reminds us that it’s okay to like weird things. Some of us may like graffiti art or making photos from scratch. Some of us may be obsessed with books and shows, to the point where they break our heart. And some people might laugh at us or think we’re jokes for that, but we’re not. Because we’re not jokes just because our passions aren’t the same. We’re not laughable just because we’re not like they are. And it’s hard to find a good character that can tell you that, instead of telling you that you can be or you should be someone else. And I think that Newt is one of these characters. Rant over.
That was beautiful...
I completely agree. Newt is by far the most relatable protagonist I have ever seen, at least when it comes to myself. He's not some great hero- he's the kid who was deemed "annoying" by his classmates, who lives in the shadow of his older brother, and who cares about things that no one else does. That's amazing to me.
Wow l don’t know if I could have put it better, I sometimes like mane characters, not as often as as the lesser characters of course, but it does happen. That’s part of why I like older books the Authors put a lot of thought into how the characters are formed
That was the most beautiful thing that I have ever read. These days the main characters are not always the greatest, but Newt is amazing!

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