Looking for anyone interested in learning/exchanging knowledge of real life magic. I'm not claiming to know any magic words or wand movements or anything. I'm experienced in divination with tarot cards and the I Ching, and I've just picked up a bag of runestones. Everything else I know is rooted in eastern philosophy like meditation and heightened intuition (psychic-ish abilities). I also have a limited share of spirit guide knowledge and some secondhand stories about African rituals. It's not what Potter fans are used to, but it's the traces of something bigger I've been able to find. Looking for anyone willing to share what they know and anyone looking to learn what I have.
Well indigo I myself am an empath
Ive dabbled into true herbology and the the actual magical and medicinal properties of plants. Ive dabbled in tarot and nordic furthark runes. Magical medicines. Wishing magic. Chanting charms. And knot magic. A few other things too :)

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