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Hi there! My name is Lily Scott, and I'm a Muggle-born Hufflepuff from Liverpool! If I had to pick one thing that's my "gift", I guess I'd say theatre. I've been singing ever since I was little and it's one of my favorite things to do, and I love performing onstage, so musicals and plays are kind of my passion. As for what Herbology means to me, it means something incredibly exciting to explore! Since I'm a Muggle-born, I have very little experience with magic, but I think the idea of magical plants is super interesting. I hope I can learn about as many of them as I can! I had a garden of non-magical herbs at home, so I've learned about some of the basic uses of stuff like Lavender and Thyme and Dill, but the rest is entirely new territory. Before I knew magic was real, plants were always fascinating, and now I know that there are ones that exceed my imagination! So I picked this class because I want to explore that world in depth. I'm so excited to work with all of you and learn about the world of magical plants!

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