Hufflepuff friends

Hello everyone! I'm Isabella, feel free to tell me a bit about yourself :D I joined two months ago and almost finished with my first year. I was busy with Muggle University haha. Can't wait for second year. My favourite classes so far are charms, transfiguration, herbology and history of magic. Don't get me wrong, I like the others as well but find them hard haha. Also where are you from?
Hello! I just joined (last night). I'm pretty busy with muggle school, but I'm so excited to continue working on my classes. My favorite so far is Charms, but I haven't done lessons in them all. :)
I'm busy with muggle school as well haha. I find I keep daydreaming about my Hogwarts classes instead of paying attention :^) I'm Stella by the way! I'm currently only enrolled in Charms but hoping once muggle schoolwork lets up a bit I can take Astronomy and Potions too. I'm eager to take Herbology as well !
Same, I am in my second year and I LOVE QUIDDITCH!!!! GO HUFFLEPUFF!
Hello fellow hufflepuffs! I joined a couple weeks ago and im in love with herbology and magical cooking and potions!

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