Greetings from a Newbie!

Hello everyone :) my name is Eli Cromwell! I hope to get to meet everyone and that we get along. I'm a bit of a nerd but, I don't bite. I do have some questions though. What are the classes like? Is this place pretty active? I've been taking a peek around but haven't tried anything yet. I looked at the leader boards, too and saw it only went up to year four, but when scouting out classes, they go up to year six, so I'm assuming it's a pretty active place? There a place everyone can chat as a group, like a chatbox or something? Anything a starter like me should know? Thanks so much!
This place is deader than my great-great-grandma but the classes are pretty cool
The feed was taken down but there are groups/roleplays and dorms that have their own feeds
The groups/roleplays are generally active the more populated they are. Anyone can publish anything in the library. The magazine is dead- hasn't been published since like Christmas 2016- and the feeds are still 'in maintenance' (ugh, have been for ages). Courses are pretty good, apart from loading issues in first-year courses. Forums are very dead tho. Anyway- good website, if error-prone, but nice people and fun activities.

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