BEST FANFIC TIPS? fanfic q&a/advice forum (readers and writers welcome)

Hey guys! Literally just set up this account and I have like way too many HP fanfic feels that would be amazing to talk about. lol okay I'm getting off topic but this forum is basically for like writers and readers of fanfic? like everyone can share their tips, what they like to see in fanfic, ask any questions they have, etc. i have about four years experience with reading/writing fanfic and I kinda wanted to compile a forum of fanfic tips and tricks for new and old writers alike. here's my little addition to get us started (feel free to disagree or do whatever like I'm not always right <3) ~Archive of our own literally has the best fanfiction. THE BEST. I'd recommend for readers and writers to start on Wattpad and move to Ao3, mainly because Ao3 has the more "professional" writers. There are fics there that writers have spent years working on, and word counts often are 5 thousand to 500 thousand. It's aesthetically pleasing and it's mobile site is similarly perfect. It takes a while getting used to, but stick at it. You will definitely become addicted to the most positive fanfic community ever! ~When on Ao3 (or any site for that matter), PLEASE leave kudos and comments! Readers might not understand how happy authors feel when they get those little email notifications proving to them that the three hours of writing Chapter 2 was worth it. ~ This is more of a writing technicality, but "show, don't tell." This is a simple phrase a writing coach taught me a while ago and it can go far. SDT is an easy way to get writers to remember to use vivid verbs, and to describe the scene in all 5 senses instead of recounting dialogue and events blandly. Don't be afraid to e x p a n d everything. ~ And yet, sometimes less is more. You have to determine which scenes need to be longer, and which require a few sentences. Ask yourself, "do the readers really need to hear an entire chapter dedicated to how Draco's hair looked in the fading sunlight?" or would the chapter better be suited to addressing the urgent Dementor attack that Hogwarts is currently facing? ~Fluffy angsty fics are literally what I live for, but try not to over do the angst and drama. Killing a character sloppily because you hate them isn't going to make for a good story. Like, come on. Putting effort into storyboarding deaths/conflict in your story will make everything fit together better. Characters' motives will work together better, and the fic will read cleaner. ~ Going off of my first point; set up a plot! Even if you're writing a 600 word oneshot, you need to have a beginning, rising action, conflict, and resolution. ~SPELL CHECK! SPELL CHECK! SPELL CHECK! I have a lot more tips but I'm gonna make myself shut up and give you lovely people time to talk... Side note: if you're new to fanfic, there are a lot of different slang terms that you're probably gonna want to know. i only used a couple, so if you're confused I'm happy to explain <3

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