Herbology (HERB-101) Assignment (Lesson 1)

Quick Answers: Who are you? What is your name? What is your gift? Everyone has a gift; some people are writers, potioneers, some people are excellent at charms, and others are gifted at drawing. (Plants are the same way, aren't they). Please spend some time thinking about how unique you are, and how you contribute to the environment around you. PLEASE POST IN THE CLASSROOM DISCUSSION BOARD I am NES. I am Ana and I am muggle born but it never stops me to become ambitious witch.My parents are doctors, so I started thinking that I have a many similiarities with Hermione Granger. In my opinion, my gift is that I can talk to dogs. I know when they are angry, sad... I can always appease them. My patronus is husky and that is a proof. Also, I think that I was sure when I can read every mind of people that I don't know very good. This is specific for me, i think. I am a good writter, I know that because I had the best marks in school so I started to Hogwarts Novel Writing Week courses and when I finished them I want to write a book. I want to be a good witch because I think that I can. I think that every muggle had a talent if they have a desirability. If we can love and imagine, we can do anything. This is our magic. This is when we know we can go to school which isn't 'normal' for people like us. Everyone is unique. Everyone had their own wishes and that is their uniqueness. I will try to became a person who I want, I would protect people and plants because we are the same. We are familly. Optional Short Essay: What does Herbology mean to you? Include what your expectations for this course are, your current perception of magical plants, and of non-magical plants. Are there any plants you already are knowledgeable in, and are there any plants which you are excited to learn about. Do you have any plants in your home? Why did you decide to take Herbology? PLEASE POST IN CLASSROOM DISCUSSION BOARD Herbology is important for us. It isn't just subject in school. It is a science that every wizard ad witch have to know. When I saw the cousres for first year I didn't chose a Herbology, but when I started to other curses I saw that Herbology is important and then I enroll in this course. I expect to learn diffrent magical plants wich help us in our life( health, protection). How to breed and take care of them.How to treat them like person. I know for plant that calls Venomous Tentacula and I want to see them and learn about them of course.The Venomous Tentacula is a green, spiky, toothsome plant with mobile vines that try to grab living prey. Venomous Tentacula expels venom from its shoots, and its spikes are deadly. Its bite is highly poisonous and can prove fatal.They are interesting because they are screaming. Also I would learn about Dried Nettles, Dittany, Wormwood, Incendio Tria,Puffapods. Also I want to learn how to control Fire-Making spell. I have many of plants in my home, but they aren non-magical. As I said, Herbology is important. There is no potion whitout plants. And plants are like us. We are familly. Nature is everything around us and if we don't know how to live together and help each other we will slowly die out.

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