Sabrina was sitting on a bench in the courtyard, playing with Nibbles when she heard something behind her.
Diana walked up to her and said:''Hey there.''
"Hello" Sabrina responded, looking up to see a girl in a Slytherin scarf standing behind her. Meanwhile Nibbles was crawling on her lap.
''Hey wht is that thing on your lap, I've never seen it before?'' She asked while she sat beside her.
"It's a niffler" she said, making eye contact. "You've probably hear about it in care of magical creatures, it's attracted to sparkly things" She looked over her left shoulder, at the snow, where Nibbles was now playing very happily.
"It is pretty cute, I too got a pet. It is a rather strange one and that is why I couldn't bring it with me today. But I've known her since she was a baby. Her name is Tintaglia. She is a Common Welsh Green. But she is not dangerous or anything, it is just that people don't like dragons so much.'' She said with a smile on her face.
"O! My dad loves dragons!" she replied, smiling. She kind of regretted that she said that, with her father's fame and all. But she found telling people about her father revealed their true personality; greedy, needy, kind.
''That is amazing! Should I know your dad?'' She asked with a rather curious expression. ''O and by the way I'm Diana from slytherin, what house are you in, if I may ask?''
"He's Newt Scamander" she Said softly, awaiting the usual reaction. "Oh and I'm a hufflepuff" she continued, pointing towards her scarf.
''I'm sorry I don't know him, but that is just because I'm not from around here. I guess?'' She stood up stretching her now sore legs from sitting. She could never stay still for long moments, only when she had to sleep she could do nothing for hours. But when it came to sitting for more than five minutes, she wasn't up to the task. She walked in circles around the bench, carefully watching her little niffler. She was wary that it wouldn't steal her rings she got from her parents.
"Oh he uhm... He Wrote this textbook" she replied, holding her copy of Fantastic beasts and where to Find them in the air.
''O That's why I thought I heard that name somewhere. I've seen this books in some shops before, So your dad Is an author then?'' Diana sad down besides her again not noticing that something was creeping up against the back of the bench. When she turned around she could see that it was Tintaglia. She grabbed the little dragon and placed it on her lap. ''Wait how did you get here, don't tell me you snuck out again? Snape will kill me if he sees you!'' She looked around to see if anybody had noticed her little dragon, but there was nobody around. She sighed in relief.
"Yes he is, an author and a magi zoologist. He travels the world looking for all kinds of creatures" she responded, looking over her shoulder to the rest of the courtyard.
When Diana looked to the sky she noticed that it had started to rain a little. "Your dad sounds really cool and all, but I think it's best if we go inside, it's going to start to rain soon.'' She stood up making sure to hide her little dragon from anyone underneath her scarf. When she thought it was safe she looked at the girl on the bench. ''You coming or what?''
She quickly picked up Nibbles, who was freaking out over where the rain came from, and followed Diana. They decided to sit in the library, near a window Seat that had an amazing view of the lake. "So, what's your story?" She asked, a question she asked a lot.
Diana looked surprised and was a little concerned to, she never actually talked about her pass with someone she met, heck even her aunt didn't knew the real story. She thought that she killed her own parents and was why she hated her. Diana felt like talking to someone might help her figure things out about her past. But she didn't had the courage too. So she just stuck with the lines she learned that she told everyone. "I lived with my aunt and older brother in Wales, but when I was six years old my brother died of an unknown reason. When I was fourteen years old I stumbled across a dragon egg. It hatched a few days after I had found it and since then we've been inseparable.'' She was surprised she could tell her about her dragon that easily. Normally she would never have told anyone that. ''So what is yours?''
"Not at dramatic" she laughed. "My father was away a lot with me taking care of the creatures. I liked nifflers a lot, so I nagged at him until I got to keep one. There's not a lot more to me" she answered. It struck her how boring and dull she might seem, even though her story was far from ordinary as Well.

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