Random RP

Diana was sitting outside in the cold snow reading a book. She couldn't get any further in her book because she was spacing out, watching the snowflakes drop like tine flower pedals. The only thing she could think about was: ''How will I do this year?'' and "Will I make any friends?'' But then she heard something behind her in the bushes. It was her pet dragon. It walked up to her and sat on her lap. It was a rather small dragon, but that was just because it was still very young. When it would grow she would be huge. She sat there not knowing someone was walking up to her.
Jonathan walked up to the girl who was sitting on the bench. "Hey there, is that a dragon you've got there? Is that allowed at this school? I always thought that dragons were like dangerous creatures and that nobody could tame them." Jonathan stood behind the girl gazing the small creature that was now interested in him too.
Diana shrieked in surprise, she hadn't hear the boy walking up to her. She watched him careful as she looked at Tintaglia. Her pet was not nervous at all, which meant that she could trust the boy standing behind her. ''If somebody would ask, I don't know about any dragons. But for your information: this is Tintaglia, she is my pet. She could be dangerous if I had not raised her from her egg form.'' She gestured to the boy that he could sit besides her if he wanted.

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