A Talk With The Hufflepuff Ghost (Role-play :) )

Ji-woo floated past the castle wall out into the warm grounds of Hogwarts. It's was around the time where students were studying hard and had to be left alone. This meant that Ji-woo would be left with nothing to do. No one to prank (asked on the behalf of Dumbledore) for the time. Ji-woo sighed to himself as he leaned back, putting his hands behind the back of his head. He closed his eyes and just enjoy the sound of the wind moving the leafs on the trees. What a time to be bored, huh?
"What's up, is ghost life really that hard?" Sabrina Said, sneaking up on Ji-woo. She had Nibbles, her niffler, on her shoulder, as always, and her long blond hair over the other shoulder.

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