Yule Ball Roleplay!

It was the night before the Yule Ball. There were throngs of people everywhere excitedly discussing the upcoming ball, even in the library. Safiya was reading in the library, and the crowds of people annoyed her. She was trying to read, people! After searching for what seemed like an eternity, she found a quiet corner. Safiya sat down and began to read, the book holding her attention like gossip over a dance never could. All of a sudden, she heard a quiet voice. "May I sit here, too?" Safiya whipped around and saw...
Elizabeth Snitch
She was holding her charms textbook, "It's just that all the talk about the yule ball over there is making it really hard for me to focus on my Charms homework."
((May I join?))
Safiya patted the seat beside her. "Sure, you can join me. The crowds do make quite a ruckus. It does get especially hard to concentrate."
((To Inga: yes you can join))

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