Professor Lupin's character

I absolutely love his character in the books, but the movies don't give him as much screen time as he should get. Plus, they completely skimped out on the whole Tonks/Remus relationship as well.
I adore Remus. He's a cinnamon bun who shouldn't have to deal with lyncathropy. He is by far the best DADA Professor Hogwarts has seen. If I lived in the Marauders era, I would totally be crushing on him.
Remus is one of the best characters in the whole series. He's really nice, an epic and interesting teacher, can stop arguments, is also fun and can stand up for himself. You feel really sorry for him after lily and James die though, it's all his friends and lycanthropy support gone. Plus, Remus and tonks is the best ship. They match each other really well, plus their story is sad but really romantic. And teddy is awesome. Also, Remus has chocolate.
it is really sad that he didnt take Harry after the Potters died I understand why he didnt but he should have Remus loved him like a son
I love him too. I have no idea how he manages to be so kind and compassionate when he has faced rejection from the larger part of society.It's strange that as I grow older I like him even more than before. It's a pity he didn't stay to teach at Hogwarts- again his selflessness interfered. He even sacrificed his free evenings to teach Harry the Patronus charm-how many teachers would do that?I can still see him sitting and staring at the fire at Christmas in HBP. I wonder what was on his mind at that moment.
Why dient he take Harry after James and Lilly died?
Remus Lupin is a fascinating character. He would have been the perfect Uncle/Father figure for Harry had he been given the opportunity. Throughout the story he appears selfless, strong, compassionate and loyal, his brotherly relationship with Sirius is lovely to imagine and it is a shame that we didn't get to see, or read, more of the Marauders together. It was devastating to realise that they had cut nearly all of his important scenes from the films, him and Harry in Grimmauld Place, in shell cottage, the relationship between him and Tonks. When I am having a hard day I think of his advice 'eat you will feel better' and reach for a chocolate bar!
I think that he deserves more sceen-time and (honestly) was a better father figure than Sirius. Sirius thought of him like James, while Remus actually protects him. And not to mention his relationship with Tonks in the movies and Harry as the godfather of Teddy.
He can't sing *snickers at everyone else's confusion*
Remus Lupin is often portrayed as a good character, but he has some flaws. First off, most of the school didn't know he was a werewolf when he was teaching. Parents send their children to Hogwarts, and they expect it to be safe. A werewolf on the loose doesn't equal safe, especially if they don't even know that he is a werewolf! It's not his fault he's a werewolf, but Hogwarts should know, or at least Hogwarts parents. That being said, Lupin is one of my favorite good characters, but he definitely has some flaws. (my favorite characters are Snape, Draco Malfoy, and Lucius Malfoy). So, the DADA teachers rank as follows in my book: 1. Snape, my favorite character! Awesome guy who double-crossed Voldemort, that's hard to do! 2. Mad Eye Moody, or Barty Crouch J.R., he might be a death eater but he knows his stuff 3. Remus Lupin. knows his stuff, but a werewolf 4. Amycus Carrow... at least he knew the spells, even if he was evil 5. Quirrell- didn't know many spells, also had voldemort in his turban 6. Lockhart- really, geez! Pepsiski Pesternomi? Cornish Pixies? "I know just the spell which would have saved her." about petrified Mrs. Norris, Chamber of Secrets, "5 times winner of the witch weekly, but I don't talk about that..." this guy is probably my least favorite character ever... scratch that, second least favorite, after Umbridge. Anyway, that's what I think about Lupin :D

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