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Hi guys, I am a big Harry Potter fan and I am new to this website. I would like to know what is your favourite house in Harry Potter and why? Also what does Harry Potter itself mean to you as a fan?
To be honest, it's Ravenclaw and then probably Slytherin, mostly because I love Snape. :)
My favourite house is hufflepuff. I am kinda a Ravenclaw, as I am intelligent, creative and also kind to a daydreamer, but I chose to be in hufflepuff because although I value intelligence and creativity highly, I will always value kindness, hard work and loyalty more. Hufflepuff isn't a weak or dumb house, it is the house of people who may be brave, intelligent or cunning, but above these things they value kindness, loyalty and hard work. I am a proud hufflepuff. My second favourite house is Ravenclaw, as I love creativity, debating ideas and thinking, and also they would have the best common room.
My favorite houses are Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. I value both of the houses' qualities equally, but I decided to choose to be a ravenclaw on HiH because my favorite color is blue :)
I am a Slytherin through and through, so needless to say, that's my favorite house. :)
I am a Slytherin so my favorite house is Slytherin. <3
My favorite house is gryffindor because I value loyalty and bravery and I am a gryffindor all the way
I am a Hufflepuff, so of course, Hufflepuff in my favourite house and they are often looked over. My second favourite house is Slytherin because they're just great!
It's also really annoying because my friend really hates Snape, which I REALLY don't understand because Snape is just the best! But some reason I find Dumbledore really annoying, anyone feels the same?
i am in hufflepuff. i like griffyndor cause they value courage and chivalry and fairness in battle. i like ravenclaw cause they value observance and knowledge and wisdom. i like slytherin cause they will never give up on their goal and they have great ambitions and have a clear goal. hufflepuff values loyalty and patience and hardworking. each house has their faults and qualities
My favorite house has always been Slytherin. I never really had a favorite house growing up. When I took the Pottermore test I was amazed how quick I was to be in Slytherin.

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