I'm Sirius

So this is basically just a VERY SIRIUS post. We must make as much of a theory with Harry Potter puns. I already predict on a scale of 1-10 that 9 3/4s of them will be funny! And there's nothing Ron with wanting to make them as funny or Sirius as possible. Just try not to make them inappropriate!
Whilst this does seem like a very Harry situation, if we aren't Pansy-ies then we should be able to make it through.
I don't see anything Prong with trying /:
So far no Harryendous puns or theories... But we must remember that a pun could Slytherin at any time. No locking the door!
Voldermort: Yo mama so fat- Harry: You KILLED my mother! Voldemort: Oh Yeah... Voldemort: Yo DADDY so fat- Harry: You killed him too! Voldermort: Right of course Voldermort: Yo COUSIN so fat, a boggart took one look at him and turned into a salad bowl! Harry: That's probably true.
There is something Siriusly Ron with the lot of you!

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