Chestnut Hill HP festival

Hey everyone, posting this here just because the conferences thread seems to be dead and this seems to have more traffic going on :^) I know everyone on here is from all over the world but is anyone going to Philadelphia for the Chestnut Hill Harry Potter festival next weekend? I'm sure it will be absolutely mobbed but I'm hoping to head there for one day with my sister! This is the closest thing to a conference that I'll most likely get to haha (or HP world in Orlando! Ugh, I can dream!). Does anyone have any tips for going to big festivals like this if you have severe social anxiety like I do? I'm excited but also hella nervous. Any advice or input would be much appreciated :^) (Sorry if this post is in the wrong section!)
I went last year and it was packed. We did the bar crawl and even that was packed. I hear that they extended the area to make it larger since this has gotten so much press. The large crowds made it impossible to enjoy it. We walked up to the college and watched quidditch which was really neat!

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