Charters You HATE

I actually do not like Dumbledore because there is not reason to leave a child in an abusive home and he’s very vaugue. He also kept a teacher who bullies children and was a DEATH EATER.
Well I like him but don’t. I don’t like how he knew that Malfoy was trying to kill him that whole year....but let Malfoy roam around. He could have killed Katie with that cursed necklace!
Hey, at least Harry survived at all. He needed to be in that house. Dumbledore makes a lot of mistakes–we all know that, but he's actually one of my favorite characters. Characters I hate? Lockhart. Gilderoy Lockhart. Everytime he opens his mouth to say, "Harry, Harry, Harry!" It's enough to make me strangle someone. Pretty close up is Albus from Cursed Child. And do I really need to explain?
He was just pressured, think about what awful things happened to him
I like dumbledore he is one of my favorite characters. The character l don't like is umbridge she is the most annoying character in the Harry Potter series
i don't like so much dumbledore for the things he did, that they already said above, and because all the time, he knew that part of voldemort's body was living inside harry and he never told him. but the character i really hate is Dolores Umbrige, she was a totally bitch, and her methods of torturing students was awful, when i was watching the movie, the scene where harry is writing lines for umbrige, i felt harrys pain
I'm not a fan of Dumbledore! Haters gonna hate, I know. But he(kind of)sacrificed Harry...And he was upset about the hallows. AND he was instrested in the dark arts. AND he was so sneaky. But Umbridge is a BITCH, I hate her.
I don't like CHO CHANG!!! She's just really annoying
Okay I hate: Umbridge Trelawney Viktor Krum & Dumbledore

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