Who is the most facinating character in the Harry Potter universe?

I think it is Harry Potter, but I like Hermione as well :)
Luna Lovegood
I think it's the lovegoods, but also Hagrid.
For me it has to be Severus Snape.
I would have to say Remus Lupin because he faced adversity all his life stemming from prejudice and hate for things that were far beyond his control. In addition, his biggest fear is represented by the moon but is actually (or at least the way I see it) fear of losing his humanity and/or hurting innocent people especially those he cared about. Not to mention that, by the time he had become a professor at Hogwarts, Remus Lupin was a broken man. As we later learn, the Ministry, being pushed by Dolores Umbridge (oh how I hate her), has passed a legislation that made it very hard for werewolves to get work. In addition, his three (Lily included) out of four of his best friends were dead (or so he thought) he believed his other best friend had lead to their demise who had now escaped and was after the one remaining person he felt love for. Not to mention he was now headed back to a place where he had all these amazing memories of them to daily refresh his sorrow and was being forced to work with someone he loathed. In spite of all this, he was able to find a happy memory strong enough to perform the Patronus charm. Remus Lupin was a guy with outstanding character and deserved so much more than he got.
LUNA IS DA BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Neville longbottom and Nymphadora tonks both of them are so cool!!!!!!
Nymphadora Tonks
Severus Snape is the most absolutely fascinating character! I think Draco would be second, though. Then probably Lupin.

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