Would You Rather? Harry Potter Edition!

Would you rather? Have Dolores Umbridge as an aunt or have Rita Skeeter as a neighbour?
Umbridge please! I'd spend a lot of time pranking ol' Auntie Delores. Make her life a living hell!
i would couse Rita, i'm sorry but i can just shut her out you know!!
Dolores Umbridge as an aunt!
Rita hands down. Umbridge is just a bad a Voldemort in my option. I would just keep a jar on my window seal to reminder her not to bother me. Lol.
Definitely Rita, just going to her house and saying some random words and seeing how she would interpret it, and heck! free writing prompts!
Rita. Umbridge would be to much for me...
rita!!! I could soooooooo make her life hell. PRANKS FOR DAYS !!! plus id make fake reports about how her snores wake me up at 5am and slipthem into her publishing files ;;;;]]]]]]]

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