Asking for feedback on midterm exam Potions 101

Hello everyone, I just took the midterm exams for Potions 101 and I had answered a few questions incorrect. Is it possible to ask the professor for deeper feedback or is this unwanted? I'd like to know what I did wrong. Maybe I just hadn't understood the questions correctly... I'm sorry if this matter is out of discussion (I know that the professors are real people who do this voluntarily) or if the answer is written at any place on this site... Thank you for your attention :)
You can message the Professor about it and see what she says.
Since the Potions position is currently vacant, I will see to whom, in the Staff, you can address your question.
Thank you both for your replies! PA Waterson has just owled me and is willing to help :)
I love Potions! I want that position when I graduate! But I bet it'll be filled by then...

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