The problems of being a Ravenclaw

Here we talk about the problems of being a Ravenclaw that you've heard of or experienced!
Definitely the fact that everyone knows you're smart and expect you to know every single thing out there. A lot of my friends constantly ask me for help. Honestly, it sometimes gets annoying.
That there’s the half of genuinely smart Ravenclaws, then there’s the eccentric ones, and outsiders assume we’re all smart, so it’s hard when you’re eccentric or got in by telling the Sorting Hat you wanted to be in Ravenclaw because you’re “supposed to be clever” and you’re just not as good as the others.
Honestly, I rarely get my homework finished on time, I’m just too busy reading or I come up with a very odd question and I spend a long time answering it, I also frequently get distracted by thinking about things or planning. People think that I’m not a Ravenclaw just because I don’t finish my homework! It’s honestly annoying! I am a Ravenclaw! I am very smart, but I am outside the box smart! Not stereotypical smart, the kind that gets good marks and finishes all their homework!

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