Not all Slytherins are bad?

So it seems like Slytherin was just that one House that nearly everyone hated since our main bad guy was a Slytherin and how J.K portrayed Slytherins they seemed pretty..... Evil?This is mainly a question for people in other houses: Do you guys think that all Slytherins are bad?
So it seems like Slytherin was just that one House that nearly everyone hated since our main bad guy was a Slytherin and how J.K portrayed Slytherins they seemed pretty..... Evil?This is mainly a question for people in other houses: Do you guys think that all Slytherins are bad?
Not at all.  In fact, if I wasn't in Ravenclaw, I'd be a Slytherin.  The Slytherin House doesn't look for evil in it's students.  It looks for ambition, pride, potential, greatness, and also blood purity (sometimes).  I feel like most Slytherins actually ARE NOT bad people; it just so happens that a few Slytherins went on to do extremely terrible things, and ignorant people in other Houses wrongly labeled everyone in the House.  And remember, the books are told from a GRYFFINDOR'S point of view, and they're rivals with Slytherin.  Just like if was told from a Ravenclaw's point of view, it may have made Huffelpuffs seem like boring jerks.  That's my view on the Slytherin House.  I'm sure that a lot of people have different opinions, but that's just life.
This is one of my biggest annoyances with the books tbh, Slytherin was never properly redeemed and there are like two or three likeable Slytherins and none of them are major characters.So no, there's nothing inherently bad about Slytherin (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw could just as easily have harboured a ton of 'evil' people), they were just portrayed badly! (just in case: I am aware this sounds super critical of the books but I am criticising from a place of love)
Speak for yourselves. I am evil. Not.
I didnt see any sentence in the books that says " All Slytherins are evil." Many of them are mean but evil is a hard word. There are mean people in all houses but in slytherin there is just more of them. Maybe its because of family upbringing or something else. I personaly think that nobody is born 'evil' or mean. There are more "bad" Slytherins because of there parents and there's attitude and somethimes, too much pride. 
Nice Vlad LOL. Way to stand for the house :P (KIDDING LOL you seem pretty nice)Most of my BFFS are in Slytherin, Harley Blu, Mary Fawley, etc. Slytherin has some very nice people:)
And that's just people's opinions! That Slytherin is "Evil". I don't believe it though. Hopefully nobody Jinxes me LOL
Slytherins are described as being extremely loyal and tight knit to their own kind. Even more so than Huffelpuff. This makes them seem cold and distant to the other houses. Slytherins are ambitious and that in and of itself isn't a bad trait. "Slytherin will help you on your way to greatness". It's just the lengths that some go to to achieve that greatness. Being a Slytherin means you are cunning, ambitious, and in some cases, power hungry. None of these are bad traits if kept in balance. I mean Merlin was a freakin Slytherin! He was nothing if he wasn't a good guy.I just think that in all honesty the Slytherin House needed more development. They sort of got all pushed aside and just being shunned as EVILLLLLL. I mean if Slytherins would have fought in the battle of Hogwarts it would have gone a lot different. I mean they wouldn't just be stuck with Expelliarmus and Stupefy, like some Gryffindors we know....They would have been a lot more creative and careful. Gryffindors are more headstrong where Slytherins are a lot more crafty.Slytherins also have a high sense of self preservation. Which is why she said well why don't we just give Harry to Voldemort so no one has to die. Yeah she could have phrased it better but she was thinking more for the good of everyone. I mean One guy to the possible eradication of an entire school. I don't see the flaw in this logic. Also, and this is just me, I would love to have had Harry be a Slytherin. I think the story would have been more interesting, the characters more developed and their would have been more pov's versus shoving everyone of importance into one house. Plus then you could see the relationships that are across houses. Ron, Harry, and Hermione would all still be friends but it would have been friendships though 3 Houses; Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Gryffindor/Hufflepuff(Ron can go either way). Having all the people in one House makes it all seem more exclusive and leads to litterally everyone wanting to be a gets old.... If Harry was a Slytherin then Slytherin would have gotten much needed development and redemption. Harry vs. Voldemort would have shown the two side of ONE house versus just saying that the houses are similar just one is 'bad' and one is 'good'.Sorry for the long post.......^^;
Truth be told, I do agree with all of you, but most of Slytherin are pure-blood; however, some of them are also half-blood (Snape and Voldemort). It really troubles me when DA is formed, nobody from Slytherin comes and join it. Well at least, i think a few of them should have a little bit of dislike towards Umbridge. Slytherins are concerned about saving their own necks, some of them should've join DA. I'm pretty sure not everyone in Slytherin was a fan if Voldemort.
I agree with you guys. As I've said I do not believe that Slytherins are "evil". Not all of them anyway. I have a lot of best friends in Slytherin as I've said- more than twice the amount of all my other friends in the other houses! Yes, Slytherin are loyal to their own kind, but they are also great friends that will NEVER abandon you! I think the only person that I actually did not like in the books definitely was Professor Umbridge. She was in Slytherin but she was so mean to Harry and was just.... a jerk. I never disliked Draco Malfoy! I actually liked him. Besides the constant fighting with Harry he seemed like he had a heart of gold. (Sorry for this Stupid Post)
Veronica, just a small note on the DA. I think Slytherins would be concerned about self-preservation. Joining the DA when there are known children of Death Eaters in your house could be a one way ticket to having you/your parents tortured or killed when it's discovered. Though I think there were several Slytherins who would have wanted to join, I believe they decided the possible ramifications far outweighed the good they would get from the DA.
Another point on the DA: it was invite-only for the most part. Hermione went round inviting people she thought might like to come and it was only those people who actually joined (with a couple of extras, who all shared dormitories of those that Hermione had invited), so it's unlikely that any Slytherins actually knew that the DA was happening.
Rune, you are right. I should have analyzed more carefully the outcome that would proceed any Slytherin if they choose to be a part of DA. There is one thing that should have been described in the book; the fact that Slughorn brought many of the Slytherin students back to defend Hogwarts against Voldemort. That would have been a great point to include.
Ok so I just have to say this about how Slytherins didn't join the D.A. you have to think about how Slytherins were portrayed as "bad" or "evil" or whatever and like Rune said there were known children of death eaters in Slytherin and the D.A. was made to prepare people for the war that was coming pretty much so do you really think that Slytherins would have been all that welcome on the D.A. taking all of that into account I think people in the D.A. would have been weary of having a Slytherin apart of it when it's possible that some Slytherins were on their way to becoming a death eater.... Anyway like many people have already stated I don't think Slytherins are evil or anything like that, yes we may not be the most inclusive group but that's because we're the type that don't just trust anyone and if we do trust you and you are someone considered our friend then you know we have your back no matter what and that you mean a lot to us. We are ambitious and yeah sure we may not be the most thoughtful people when it comes to getting what we want but we most certainly are not evil... at least not all of us... and it's wrong for any one to put that label on this amazing house just because of a few bad apples.  

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