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Would anyone be interested in a social club for purebloods and those who hold beliefs in the purity of magical blood?
Would anyone be interested in a social club for purebloods and those who hold beliefs in the purity of magical blood?
Can't. Though, I'm part of Slytherin, yet I'm a Muggle-born. :3
Cris we accept sympathiers to the cause of a pureblood lineage. Muggle borns are usually the result of a well transitioned squib in the family tree. Your magic comes form a magical source too
I'm curious what you mean by "sympathizers to the cause of pure blood lineage." I mean, yes, a Muggle-born person technically has magical blood of some percentage or another, but they aren't pure blood, and none of their children will ever be considered pureblood. Doesn't the "pureblood cause" also discourage purebloods from intermingling  with muggle-borns (romantically speaking), since their kids wouldn't be purebloods and that particular pureblood would no thinning out their bloodline? What, exactly, is  the pureblood cause and what do your beliefs ask you to do in the name of the purity of magical blood?
Sid sympathizers are mudbloods who for the sake of what little magical lineage they have marry pureblood squibs and  try to restablish their magical lineage down the line. Most of our families have a squib or two and the true modern pureblood clause is about protecting and restablishing lineage. It also has a second aim, which is to remove the statute of secrecy and establish a class of wizards for the greater good of the world.
http://www.hogwartsishere.com/clubs/29947/http://www.hogwartsishere.com/clubs/29947/Pure blood Society
I'm a pureblood and very proud of it. Not to say I'm ganna hate on halfbloods and miggleborns of course. I find this idea very appealing? How exactly would you ago about it? I mean if I wanted to of course, just curious. :)
Please join the club Ms Malfoy created. We will be working out the details in the comming days, including a pureblood manifesto
I'm a pure-blood. My parents both came from pure-blood families but my father is a squib and my mother is a "blood-traitor". A pure-blood who married a squib. I think in their hearts they still uphold the pure-blood value and tried to raise me up like that too. But they weren't really forcing me to accept it coz they want me to marry for love as they did. But knowing this, knowing that they'd want to re establish the pure-blood line, and still look up to them and also find out that they were both turned away by their families and out of the wizarding world because of "impurity" breaks my heart. I'm not sure if I should join you. But by all means, convince me of your stance. Then we shall talk.
This is disappointing to see. Student, I recommend you read some history on Merlin, who was a Slytherin himself. However Merlin was a tolerant one, who created the Order of Merlin, Merlin believed that wizards and witches should help Muggles, not harm them. Do some research at the library and I trust that you will find some relevant information, and perhaps change your perspective on such features that one has no control of.
Professor, who are you speaking to? Me or Burke?

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