Anyone 30 and over?

Just curious if anyone out there is over 30...
Just curious if anyone out there is over 30...
From the 235 responses to an official survey a few months ago, 58 people stated that they were over the age of 25, so there are definitely people over 30
Thanks for answering!
Monika, I am one of the elusive over 30's, there are a few of us around but the majority of students are closer to the teenage age bracket.
Awesome... Nice to meet you!!
Me! Considerably...  :-)
Monika Hello I'm Kara.  I'm a Gryffindor but I saw your question and just had to answer.  I'm a 2nd year and I am over 45. lol  I just enjoy the sight.  I love the classes.  It keeps my mind active.  I have always been a huge Potter fan and when I found this site I was excited.  Never did I dream it would be soooooo involving.  I really enjoy many of the classes.  I hope you find the same enjoyment as I have.I wonder if I'm the oldest? Ha! That would be funny. 
I'm 35 ... But I'm the same... Loved the books and now love the classes.  My husband joined as well and he's 42
32 year old Ravenclaw over here!  
I'm a 30 year old Ravenclaw! This is a great thread for us older folks... Will be adding all as friends, nice to have some "grown-ups" on my friend feed! :P
oh yes!
I am one of the elders on this site at 57. I am a late bloomer but, have found my way to Hogwarts. and, am hoping to contribute to its success as a member of House Slytherin.

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