Who is willing to tell me how to win points!

I have no idea how to take classes and make friends. 

I have no idea how to take classes and make friends. 


So to make a friend you would have to search them up by their profile name and/or their URL Link. You'll click on their profile, and from there you can add them and wait for their response. As for classes, you have to hover over COURSES in the bar at the top of the screen, click COURSE DIRECTORY, and then click each class you want to enroll in. First Years have 7 required courses. DADA, Astronomy, Potions, Charms, Transfiguration, Herbology, and History of Magic. When you click on each course, you will see a link to enroll in the class in the upper corner. Once you do that a new tab will open up under COURSES, named MY COURSES, and you'll see each class you have enrolled in. You can take up to 15 courses at a time, but my recommendation is to start off with the required ones, depending on how much free time you have. As for points, each time you complete an assignment, you'll earn points for your house, depending on the grade. I currently have 104 House Points for Slytherin, and I've just started. Good luck and have fun!!

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