House Cup

Come on fellow Slytherins! We are behind Gryffindor and Ravenclaw! We need more House points! I recommend taking notes.
I've been working my booty off in all of my classes, currently doing very well
How does winning the house cup actually benefit us?
Ashara, It says the winners get something.Besides, even if we don't get anything, it's still the fact that we won, and Now, we're in LAST place.
I'm pretty sure it's now Gryffindor, HufflePuff, RavenClaw, and the us. if that's the case, I'M DOING ALL THE EXTRA CREDIT
I agree, let's please win. We can't let the other houses be better than us (we're now third)
Unless we can really pull through here, it doesn't seem likely.
Well we'll just have to all ace our classes and we'll pull through!!!
Just got a 100 on a DADA quiz, but DADA is simple.
DADA is not simple for everyone!
Okay I'd love to be earning points but most of my courses are extremely writing-based it seems and nothing's been graded. Any idea what to do?
I have absolutely no idea. You should contact someone. I know My DADA essay from like 3 weeks ago FINALLY got graded.
I think we're in 2nd place :D
how do you take tests and homework or whatever
On the right side after you read the lesson there should be a link to the quiz and/or essay. Just click there and go.
GUYS. OK, SO I HAVE TO DO THIS, BUT I HATE TO FEEL LIKE I'M BETRAYING MY HOUSE, BUT OH WELL. OK, SO Slytherin is my second favorite house, and I know us Hufflepuffs will NOT win, we have NO chance of it. BUT LOOK, points are reset, we are restarting, PLEASE WIN, I CAN NOT STAND THAT EITHER RAVENCLAW OR GRYFFINDOR WINS. PLEASE, work to the max, to help you guys, I won't be doing any assignments, just please let my decision be the right one. WIN.
THanks, I'm trying to do my best to get work done, its just really hard to buckle up and do boring assignments. I already have 44 points, i'm going to go do more later, I hope you all do the same.
Oh hey look...we're winning :D. It's early still but it's something
Yeah, it is early, which is why we need to stay consistent in our work doing.

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