Music Types?

Hey everyone, so what genres/songs are your favorites? I'm putting together a Spotify playlist and wanted to get all of your input.
Hmm I definitely like Melanie Martinez, Halsey,Nirvana , Bea Miller, Fall Out Boy, and um must I go on? Not many people like my music taste tho.
I love Adore Delano, Alaska Thunderfuck, Lady Gaga, Kesha, and Musicals.
Hello! Let me know your account name so I can find the playlist. I'd like to see what you put on it! :D Anyways, I'm going to include artists, as well as some specific songs from each that would go nicely in a Slytherin playlist: * Panic! At The Disco- Emperor's New Clothes, Mona Lisa, Victorious, Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time * Fall Out Boy- Centuries, American Beauty/Psycho, Light 'Em Up, Phoenix, I Don't Care * My Chemical Romance- Blood, Dead!, NaNaNaNa * Twenty One Pilots- Cancer, Trapdoor, Migraine, Ode To Sleep, Car Radio, Polarize * Melanie Martinez- Milk and Cookies, Pacify Her, Sippy Cup, Dollhouse, Got to go. List will continue later.
I love heavy metal and 80s glam metal :) and hard rock, obviously :D not a big fan of modern music
I LOVE alternative music....The 1975, Broods, Halsey, Melanie Martinez, Twenty One Pilots, Zolita, Marina and the Diamonds, etc. I also like a few mainstream artists: One Direction (Lol), Troye Sivan, Lana Del Ray...
My on-repeat songs right now are: "Garland" by Dirty Heads "Very Ape" by Nirvana "Pretty Pimpin" by Kurt Vile "DVP" by PUP "Under the cover of darkness" by the Strokes "Wake Up" by Tim Armstrong "Instant Crush" by Daft Punk "Until the Day I Die" by Story of the Year "Here She Comes Now" the Nirvana cover "Waiting For My Ruca" by Sublime "Timberwolves..." by Taking Back Sunday
I really like My Chemical Romance

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