Malfoy Family

Who is your favorite Malfoy ?
Draco by far.
Narcissa. (If you're including Bellatrix, then her)
myself but great-uncle Lucius is an isnpration so is Draco
Draco and Narcissa
Draco or Narcissa
Narcissa; she's such a tortured character. She has to balance her family's evil history, her husband's coldness and tendency towards the Dark Arts, and, of course, her beloved son. Plus, I like her name.
draco adopted me and scopius is my brother and i ship dramione. i never knew my mother because she died (draco's wife) and he adopted me because he wanted a sibling for his son!!!
Narcissa. I think she's got the most sense and the least sadistic
Lucius. He is charming and capable. Of course, (grin) I prefer my own version of him rather than Rowling's version.
Draco or Scorpius
m Daughter of Narcissa and Lucius. I love my brother
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i absolutely love Draco. And Narcissa
Draco becase he's son of my dads favorite death eater
Lucius, my father ^^
Me... duh
My grandfather Draco. Before I died, he favored me more than my own parents did.

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