Quidditch Teams

In RP everyone (most people) say they're on a quidditch team, but it's not specified officialy. How about we set up applications and have the teachers judge for their house?
thats smart but their are about 1000 for each house which would be impossible to get picked and people would complain
That's true. Hey argues, hey Harley
How about The person with the best, well structured, well written story about try outs wins a place in Quidditch.
What about people that knows more about what the games rules and other things are. So that only true people that know what they are doing can join
yes Roman there are about 81,561 Slytherins so I guess just imagining is good.
Any body can join my team called better slytherin quidditch
Hey everyone - I am the official Slytherin Quidditch Captain. If you are interested in trying out you must complete 3 tasks. 1. Follow me. 2. Write the most creative Quidditch tryouts story and post it on my wall 3. Demonstrate Slytherin Pride in some way
As a seeker I agree. I am a pro quidditch player myself.

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