Slytherin quidditch Team PLEASE FOLLOW AND SUPPORT US

Slytherins listen up everyone Follow the quidditch team and even try out if you do you will get updates and will be able to support us again PLEASE Support it will mean a lot to all of us and the leader
Follow Evangeline Gossamer she is the Slytherin Quidditch Captain she will send you updates
I'm back
Yes every Slytherin who's interested in Quidditch! We need your help! If you want to try out for any position, just send a try out to Evangeline Gossamer, and follow her for updates!! Good luck to you all. : )
Join us in "Verum in Liberum" - the truth in freedom! We strive to help witches and wizards get rid of the restraints put on them by the Ministry and Hogwarts, and encourage them to return to the full exploration of magic, having access to every little bit of it - something that is heavily restrained by most organizations, and commonly called "dark magic". But "dark magic" exists. It is a part of us, therefore it exists. And if it exists, it is the truth. It is within that truth that we find freedom.
Someone just tell me how to join the team so I can cheat and get someone hurt

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